Sues and Angart

Services ON Behalf of Companies

Sues and Angart’s experiences and expertise on behalf of companies are extensive in many areas including:

  • Cash flow stabilization including cash flow forecasting, cash generation, collections improvement and disbursements management
  • Immediate profitability improvement through gross margin improvement and overhead reduction
  • Preparation of financial projections/ business models
  • Communication and negotiations with lenders
  • Trade credit and vendor relations management
  • Management process improvement including development and implementation of enhanced financial reporting, improved controls, improved budgeting processes, operational performance reporting, operational reorganization, performance based compensation systems
  • Debt restructuring and reduction, including secured debt, subordinated debt, trade accounts payable, and lease buyouts
  • Design, evaluation and implementation of workout alternatives
  • Development of business plans and strategic plans
  • Valuation
  • Refinancing
  • Sale of businesses and assets
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Development and implementation of orderly liquidation plans
  • Chapter 11 planning and preparation
  • Chapter 11 Section 363 sales, plan of reorganization development and negotiation, schedules preparation, preferences analysis, claims analysis and negotiation, and DIP financing.
  • Purchase accounting including preparation of opening balance sheets and valuation for purchase price allocation
  • Technical accounting including goodwill impairment testing, development of GAAP accounting manuals, and adoption of international reporting standards
  • Development and implementation of organizational structures
  • Development and implementation of strategies for growth
  • Accounting and manufacturing software selection and implementation
  • Assessment of accounting department personnel and internal controls 
  • Rendering of expert testimony